I Can See

by | Jul 5, 2017

I can see, I can see for present

I am, I am indeed a waken soul, I am indeed,

For I am in total reality with life indeed,

I can see with my awareness,

I am awake, awake in the here and now

Where all life is alive,

Indeed, now I see in total reality that life is the present.

The time is now and you are meant to be total reality

As your Creator meant you to be.

Life, awaken soul in the here and now

’cause that is the only place to experience true life

And the only true life indeed.

You will find it is not an illusion of the mind.

So wake up, wake up to the reality in the present

Your meant to BE,

Not a dead soul lost in your mind, Indeed your not here.

Can you see, wake up, wake up to reality.

The here and now you were born to be and meant to be.

Enjoy the present and let the world see you are alive indeed.

And share your peace and love with all ’cause that is the way it is meant to be.


Written by Shane

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